Pour vous aider à croître sans gaver Méta, on a analysé via 1-800 D2C, les outils les plus utilisés par les meilleures marques en hyper-croissance et dépassant le million d’€ de revenus. Il en ressort une liste d’outils indispensables qui vous permettront de :
BeReal is THE most trending app right now in Gen Z’s demographic. So if they are your target and you are not on it, what the hell are you doing?
Tim Masek from 1-800-D2C joins us and speaks about the way to truly activate your D2C brand's community.
How championing a cause they care deeply about allowed this menstrual lingerie brand to build an engaged and intimate community
How do you build trust as a small business and sell yourself a size larger? Reagan from Vaer Watches shares how they are able to get the content they…
What goes behind choosing the profiles, creating content, following up and maintaining relationships that allow Béaba® to get the highest ROI possible…
Engagement doesn't just mean likes + comments, engagement means emotion. Here's how this interior deco brand achieves that.
They got a watch out to Tony Hawk recently. Learn their mindset around curating their tribe of ambassadors.
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