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Social Commerce and Creator Culture

Why we’re building for social.

Social commerce is growing fast. There are now 25M brands on Instagram.

Creator culture is changing shape as well. Today, as smartphone cameras and processors become better and faster, the barrier to entry for creators is not nearly as high as it used to be just a few years ago — the recent launch of the iPhone 13 with its cinematic video mode is a testament to that — and hence more and more people are shifting roles from consumers to creators.

woman in black and white zip up jacket sitting on black office rolling chair
The best camera to create is the one you already have with you.

This means that as the number of creators increases, the creator environment is changing its shape of equity as well. Instead of there being fewer but larger influencers, today there are more nano influencers, and they tend to have increased as well as better quality engagement with their followers.

“The landscape of creators has significantly changed. People are turning to creators that enrich their lives and those that stand for the same values they believe in.”
— Rachel Tipograph, Founder & CEO of MikMak

It’s also been found that using creator handles rather than brand handles to run content campaigns drove action intent at an 87% lower cost, with higher confidence.

All of this led us to this epiphany – if we find a way to connect brands with these nano-influencers, particularly ones that already follow and love the brand, it could lead to increased engagement and growth at a lower cost, benefiting not only the brands themselves but also the creator community at large.

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